men-u synthetic,man-made,cruelty-free shaving shave brush

Men-u Premier Shaving Brush -
Synthetic, man-made bristles for superior performance.

men-u shaving brush

The new men-u Premier Shaving Brush - The first shaving brush development in over 250 years!

After 3 years in development - this is a revolutionary NEW type of shaving brush for the perfect shave. The bristles are as soft as pure badger but are in fact synthetic - great news for badgers! We believe it's simply the best you will have ever used.

The men-u Premier Shaving Brush

What makes this shaving brush & stand so great?
  • This shaving brush creates an amazing amount of lather - much more than a badger shaving brush.
  • The synthetic bristles are non-absorbant, so they need less shaving cream.
  • The bristles are much easier to clean and more hygienic than brushes made of animal hair. Because the bristles are non-absorbant, they do not aborb shaving gunk, bacteria and other impurities.
  • Particularly suited to guys with sensitive skin.
  • The bristles dry extremely fast, so great for travel, more hygenic and ideal for use in barber shaving service.
  • The brush lasts longer and bristles do not fall out like animal hair brushes. That is because animal hair brushes continually expand (when absorbing water) and contract (while drying). This constant expansion and contraction weakens the animal bristles until they eventually start to fall out.
  • The stand helps promote the longevity of the brush.
  • This brush is also ideal for those seeking cruelty-free, animal-free, vegan alternative shaving brushes.
The new men-u Premier Brush with synthetic bristles vs. a badger brush? Watch a video demonstration and you decide!

The magnified images below (1200 – 3000x magnification) taken by Southampton University, Bio Medical Department feature badger bristles on the left and Premier synthetic on the right. Badger bristles are very much like human hair in that they have scales making for a rough surface, they tend to be damaged and often hollow.

badger vs premier

This means that approximately 50% of shave crème being used penetrates and coats the bristles never to make it to the area to be shaved and not all is rinsed out after use. Hence the reason why these bristles suffer from product build up over time and need to be cleaned out as well as using approximately twice the amount of shave creme!

  • The synthetic bristles are non-absorbent, so they need less shave crème and create a richer lather.
  • Add a little more water to the bristles after shaving and you will probably have enough lather for a second, closer shave.
  • Extremely Hygienic: The man-made bristles are easier to keep clean that an animal hair brush and prevent harmful bacteria from accumulating in the bristles. This helps guard skin from germs that can irritate and inflame the skin when shaving.
  • Using the free stand helps promote the longevity of the bristles and is best hygienically.
Simon Shaw, UK based master barber and Wahl Artistic Director said of the new shaving brush “The men-u Premier, synthetic bristle shaving brush is the best I have ever used! The bristles are easily cleaned and you use less product. I have always felt uncomfortable about using badger bristles.” And, Carmelo Guastella, London based "Celebrity Grooming & Style Guru" says "The men-u Premier, synthetic bristle shaving brush is the best brush I have come across in all my years of shaving....this will be the shaving brush I shall use from now on!"

Good barbers use a quality shaving brush to facilitate the optimum shave. The bristles have to be a balance between resistance to raise the beard and softness to generate a fine, rich lather. These bristles are soft like badger (definitely NOT badger as they are synthetic!) but with resistance to raise the beard, making a closer cut easier.

I thought Badger Brushes were the best. Explain why this is better than an expensive badger brush?

Shaving brushes have barely changed in 250 years! In the early days, natural bristles such as boar and badger were what was readily available. Because they absorb water they were good for using with the shaving soap at the time - a mixture of animal fat and wood ash!! A lot of water was needed to create an emulsion from these materials. As you can imagine shaving products have moved on quite a bit since - todays shaving creams and soaps are already emulsified. The secret to a good shave creme is a  concentration of lubricants and moisturisers and getting these in contact with skin and beard.

The synthetic bristles of the men-u Premier shaving brush are non absorbent and there is more than enough water on the surface of the bristles to provide a great shave with a quality shaving product. The benefits of this brush, which we see as the most significant change to the shaving brush in 250 years, are - soft bristles (like badger but definitely not badger!), generates a greater amount of lather than animal hair, great efficacy because so little product is required, easy to clean the bristles and keep them clean (if badger bristles absorb water they also absorb and retain shaving cream product and other impurities!), because the bristles do not expand and contract with absorption far less likelihood of bristle loss. Throughout the entire 3 year development and testing period, we are not aware of a single bristle falling out!

Our primary objective with the Premier was to develop a better shaving brush for modern shaving creams. Some traditionalists and retailers of high priced badger bristle shaving brushes may prefer to stay with badger or maybe we should look to retail the men-u Premier at a price closer to, or in excess of $150 As they say - the choice is yours!

Not only do we believe our synthetic shaving brushes are the best shaving brushes on the market, they also appeal to men (and the women in their lives) who seek out a cruelty free, animal free or vegan shaving brush alternative.

Check out the new men-u Premier Shaving Brush
The first shaving brush development in over 250 years!

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men-u products do NOT contain any animal ingredients and they are NOT tested on animals. Cruelty-free, Vegan products.
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